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Leading man in Philippines’ first “street drama segment” talks about what makes AlDub click with vi...

Alden Richards talks AlDub phenomenon first “street drama segment”

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Leading man in Philippines’ first “street drama segment” talks about what makes AlDub click with viewers 

It’s probably all over your Facebook. Talk of this latest segment on TV showEat Bulaga that has taken Philippine entertainment by storm.

I’m referring to the unbelievably phenomenal love team called AlDub, which has sparked the first “street drama segment” on Philippine television.

The name has been coined by fans of the Alden Richards-Yaya Dub onscreen love team. The sparks between Richards and Yaya Dub or Maine Mendoza get them excited, said fans, who are collectively referred to as AlDub Nation.

Why exactly has the tandem clicked with viewers? Richards shares his thoughts: “[Maybe because] it’s a fresh love team on TV, and our story is something different [that gives happiness] to viewers.”

Mendoza, who rose to fame through her funny dubsmash videos, plays the role of Yaya Dub in the street drama segment. Richards plays the role of her bedimpled love interest.

Both Richards and Mendoza have never met, both in character and in real life, and the leading man said he would be ecstatic when they finally meet.

“I will be very happy... It’s worth the wait!” he said, adding that he will be very surprised if they accidentally meet. “I might end up doing a dubsmash of God Gave Me You!” he said, referring to the pair’s theme song.

When asked about what he does to keep the excitement going: “Secret!” he replied.

Richards has recently signed an exclusive recording contract with GMA Records and is on his way to finishing his album, which features two original tracks and some remakes of popular songs.

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