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(Photo: Instagram) Coco is back, baby!  The fit, curvaceous wife of Ice-T has announced her r...

Coco Austin Makes Her Grand Return to the Gym: ‘I Liked What I Saw’

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(Photo: Instagram)

Coco is back, baby! 

The fit, curvaceous wife of Ice-T has announced her return to the gym following the November birth of their daughter, Chanel. 

“Yesterday 4/5/16 marks the official day of starting on my gym grind,” she wrote Friday on Instagram. (Yes, she got her dates mixed up.) “I stopped going pretty much a year ago when I got pregnant with Chanel. Well, 4 months after delivering her I have had no motivation because all I want to do is use my time to raise my baby and watch her grow.I don’t want to be separated from her at all…plus I can’t be too long cause I still breastfeed." 

Her baby girl is pretty adorable. 

(Photo: Instagram)

"So yesterday I took her to the gym with me and put her in childcare and worked out for 3 hours.. I took a spin and yoga class. (Yes my whole body is super sore today),” Austin, 37, wrote. “I wanted to take a selfie afterward(seen here) to really see what I need to work on and surprising I liked what a saw.. I did eat really good through my pregnancy and now I can speak on it and say this is proof that with a decent diet and no gym your body can still stay somewhat together after a baby..I literally had a big bowl of mixed fruit everyday which I give credit to." 

The active reality star revealed in December that she’d gained 13 pounds during her pregnancy. However, she also lost muscle because she stopped lifting weights. 

"I got a little skinny for my taste during pregnancy and want to build some muscle back and thankfully I have gained some weight back recently which I have gotten thicker naturally,” she explained in her latest post. “PS. A strong core (abs) are why I had a small baby bump and a fast labor..Thats key and very helpful for having a smooth pregnancy." 

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