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Inside Amy Schumer fans rejoice! We're less than a week away from the debut of season four! Fol...

Everything We Know About 'Inside Amy Schumer' Season 4!

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Inside Amy Schumer fans rejoice! We're less than a week away from the debut of season four! Following Amy Schumer's breakout year, the Comedy Central series looks to be better than ever.

While Schumer may have gone mainstream, don't expect her show to hold back as she takes on her own fame, The Real Housewives, and invites even more celebrities for biting satires.

1. Baby Bumps, Real Housewives and Amy the Director

Half of the fun of watching IAS is not knowing what topic Schumer will take on next. But, we must say, the few hints we've gotten so far have us pretty excited!

2. Guest Stars Galore

After three seasons, IAS is known for its epic cameos from the biggest names in Hollywood -- and beyond. Among those stopping by this season are the previously mentioned NFL stars, Strahan, Cohen, plus a number of A-list newcomers, including Lena Dunham, Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson, both Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Laura Linney, Jennifer Hudson, David Spade and Harvey Keitel.

3. More Headline-Making (and Award-Winning) Sketches

Schumer has never been afraid to make a statement and the show has tackled hard topics including ageism in Hollywood and the allegations surrounding Bill Cosby.

4. Even More Beyond Season 4!

Fortunately for us all, season four won't be the last for the sketch series! Comedy Central announced at the TCA Winter Press Tour that the show is already renewed for a fifth season. That means more chances for Schumer to say what we were all thinking, or at least, what we'll all be talking about the next day.

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