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As was teased in the Season 1 finale of Fear the Walking Dead, Maddie, Travis, and their family and friends have taken up residence on Stra...

'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 2 Premiere Recap: 'The Whole World Is I Don't Know Right Now'

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As was teased in the Season 1 finale of Fear the Walking Dead, Maddie, Travis, and their family and friends have taken up residence on Strand’s yacht. But while it’s giving them safe haven from the military bombing of Los Angeles, it certainly doesn’t promise to be safe — from zombies or the still living — for long.

Left Behind
The city is on fire (courtesy of those military bombings), Strand’s house is overrun with walkers, and even the beach below his fancy estate is becoming more populated by the dead with each minute — and the Clark/Manawa crew is reacting to the situation in diverse ways. Nick is acting as Strand’s right hand man, ferrying supplies to the yacht, and then returning to shore to get his family to the Abigail. And, as Strand seems to have an intuition about, Nick’s near-death experiences with drugs have left him with some survival skills that are valuable in this new world. Travis’s son Chris, on the other hand, is still not dealing with the shocking death of his mother. It’s nighttime, walkers ready to nosh on him are all around, and there’s a mad dash to get to that yacht, but all Chris can do is sit on the back, staring at his mother’s dead body. He won’t leave her corpse behind, either, so Liza’s body is among the things Nick, Travis, and Maddie quickly load onto the boat, while Maddie mostly also fends off walkers.

They make it to the Abigail safely, and look back to see their city burning.

San Diego, Ho!
Strand shares the basics of Project Abigail: the yacht has been prepared to travel 3,000 miles, possibly more. “We can survive on the Abigail for quite some time,” he tells his boatmates. Of course, there’s no promise of surviving harmoniously.

Like when Alicia, Maddie, Daniel, and some of the others spot a small boat packed with people. The people on board are yelling at the Abigailians to stop, but when Maddie asks Strand to halt and pick them up, he refuses. “I filled my mercy quota… seven people saved to date,” he tells her. “Be thankful.” 

Family Matters
Chris is the only one not witnessing the chaos on deck, because he’s in a room, sitting on the bed, staring at the body of his dead mother beside him. He finally comes out and shares a moment with Daniel, while the two of them fish off the side of the yacht. They give each other condolences for their losses, and Chris points out neither of them got to say goodbye.

— While listening to the radio, Alicia hears a Coast Guard message to anyone who might be counting on a rescue: “We have no assistance to provide. I repeat, there is no rescue by sea, land, or by air. They’re stopping. Forgive us.”

— Strand, when Nick asks what they’ll do if San Diego doesn’t work out: “I don’t know. The whole world is ‘I don’t know’ right now.”

— The song Jack is playing when he and Alicia first chat on the radio: David Bowie’s “Five Years,” the late artist’s tune about a future apocalyptic planet.

— Romance ahead? Nick has a little bonding moment with Ofelia when he offers her some advice about dealing with her wounds, namely to put ointment on the bandage and to use ice to numb the pain. “And vodka,” he says. “Lots of vodka.”

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