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Game of Thrones is one of those series that we don’t just love but also love hating. There are characters - a lot - we hate with all our ...

Game of Thrones: my love-hate relationship with The Red Woman

Game of Thrones is one of those series that we don’t just love but also love hating. There are characters - a lot - we hate with all our hearts: Ramsay? Melisandre? sometimes even Cersei? But really, deep down we just LOVE them with a passion for being so hateful. Join me every week in loving and hating the characters and storylines David Benioff and D. B. Weiss give us!

I loved…

Ramsay actually showing emotions! Like tender ones. And then a second later going like “Feed her to the dogs.” He is hands down the best worst person on this show.

Theon! He is getting back to his old self and I love every minute of it! I didn’t care much about him at first but know I’m so happy that he is like a person again. Both him and Sansa deserve a happier storyline. Not like there is such a thing in the Game of Thrones universe but still, I’d love to see them hiding and fighting successfully for a couple of episodes.

Brienne and Podrick! I’ve always loved them, this show has so many characters, and everyone is so well written but I especially like what they do with the supporting characters. And that moment between Sansa and Brienne!

I just love everything Lena Headey does. She’s amazing - and the way Cersei’s been showing emotions lately is frightening and wonderful at the same time! She is the one character I cannot decide to love or hate. I feel like there’s no in between, but all I know is, I would be devastated if she wouldn’t be on the show.

Tyrion and Varys - they are the best. Seriously. I would more than happily watch them being sassy for an hour every week. “It’s a good thing you’re not a boy anymore. Because you don’t have a cock.’

Daenerys - her storyline was so boring for at least two seasons, it seems like she’s gonna have something better now, yay! And I loved her surprised face when the whole ‘I was Khal Drogo’s wife’ thing worked.

I hated…

The Lord Commander - I just hate that man. He is stupid and annoying and has power, so the worst combination ever to exist. Someone please kill him soon! I’m looking at you, Ser Davos!

Dorne - I really didn’t like it last season either and it did not get any better. I mean, I’m all for girl power but I’m just disinterested in the whole situation. And I prefer sassy and witty girl power not just violence.

Jamie - What was this whole ‘We are going to take everything back and more’ business? I kind of understand his desire for revenge but he is supposed to be nice. I want to love him!

Arya’s eyes - it just looks so bad. But I can’t wait to see more of it.

Melisandre?! - I did not see that coming. I mean I thought there must be something wrong with that Red Woman but that was still surprising.

It was super short! - I was expecting 60 minutes of excitement and I am utterly disappointed now. Also, where’s the next episode?