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(Spoiler alert: Please do not keep reading if you haven’t seen the Season 6 premiere of “Game of ...

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Premiere Finally Reveals Jon Snow’s Fate

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(Spoiler alert: Please do not keep reading if you haven’t seen the Season 6 premiere of “Game of Thrones”)

“Game of Thrones” roared back onto the small screen and sorry fans, but it looks like Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) really is dead.

The episode opened right where Season 5 left off, with Snow’s bloody body lying in the snow at Castle Black. The wails of his direwolf, Ghost, attracts the attention of Davos Seaworth (Liam Cunningham) who, with a few loyal Night’s Watch brothers, takes Snow’s body and stashes it in a nearby room, locking the door behind them.

Near Winterfell, Sansa (Sophie Turner) and Theon (Alfie Allen) are on the run. The Boltons have sent men and dogs to recapture them, forcing the pair to wade through a freezing river to try and escape.

Eventually, though, the hounds outrun them and they are cornered. Suddenly, Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) and Podrick (Daniel Portman) arrive and kill the Bolton soldiers. Brienne swears her loyalty to Sansa, just as she did for her mother back in Season 2. This time, Sansa accepts her offer of protection.

Back in Essos, Daario (Michiel Huisman) and Jorah (Iain Glen) continue their search for Daenerys (Emilia Clarke), who was carried off by her dragon Drogon at the end of Season 5. They come across her ring in a field that is covered in horse tracks, which Jorah recognizes as those made by a Dothraki khalasar.

Daenerys is being held prisoner by the Dothraki, who take her to Khal Moro (Joe Naufahu). Moro initially intends to sleep with her, but when she says she is the widow of Khal Drogo, Moro backs away immediately, as it is against Dothraki custom to lay with the widow of another Khal.

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