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It was Sunday, muddy Sunday as the spunky doctors of Grey's Anatomy took a break from the opera...

'Grey's Anatomy' Stars Compete in Tough Mudder for Homeless Youth, Talk 'Juicy' Upcoming Episodes

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It was Sunday, muddy Sunday as the spunky doctors of Grey's Anatomy took a break from the operating room to trudge through five miles of mud in the scorching California heat over the weekend.

Cast members Giacomo Gianniotti (Dr. Andrew DeLuca) and Martin Henderson (Dr. Nathan Riggs) surrendered themselves to mud, dust and dirt while completing the Tough Mudder Half, an obstacle course fraught with arduous hurdles and physical challenges, yet somewhat easier than learning surgical procedures.

"It's definitely easier fighting through mud," Giacomo, 26, told ET with a laugh at the finish line. "Surgical procedures are hard to learn, for sure."

"There are too many things to remember -- the name of the instrument, how to tie off the suture," agreed Martin, 41, who sped through a course that usually takes two-three hours in under 90 minutes. "You don't need to remember anything when you run in the mud!"

The pair were part of Grey's Anatomy's 41-strong Mudder Squad, who endured several miles of mud-drenched obstacles, while helping raise money for Hollywood non-profit My Friend's Place, which assists Los Angeles' homeless youth.

Tough Mudder
Both actors, who did not grow up in Hollywood, recalled being astounded by the high level of homelessness when they first moved to LA. After becoming an ambassador for My Friend's Place, Giacomo launched a fundraising campaign in conjunction with the mud run, helping to raise over $15,000 for the organization's Transformative Education Program.

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