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Prom dress or MTV awards red-carpet ensemble? (Photo: Facebook) Detroit radio station 105.9 kiss-fm posted an image to their Facebook p...

Is This Dress Too Risqué for Prom?

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Prom dress or MTV awards red-carpet ensemble? (Photo: Facebook)

Detroit radio station 105.9 kiss-fm posted an image to their Facebook page of a young woman, who they claim was dressed for a prom in a body-hugging black gown complete with a thigh high slit and another large split cutting diagonally across the bodice, revealing some of her breasts. The only thing keeping the dress from flapping open entirely is a small Chanel brooch, hanging on to the stretchy material as best it could. 

The radio station asked, “Would you let your daughter wear this dress or is it too much?” and listeners did not hold back with their opinions on the revealing ensemble. “I told my daughter if she even PART[s] her EYEBALLS at a dress like this WE are planning her funeral!!!” one commenter said. “Enough is enough, go home put you on some clothes nobody wants a package that’s already been open. … Have some kind of dignity about you a little bit of class,” another ranted. “She is a beautiful young lady, but very age inappropriate,” one person added. “It’s a nice dress if you are 30 and at MTV Awards red carpet. Time and place for everything.”

We attempted to do a little digging, but couldn’t identify exactly where the original photo came from, or if this is actually a teenage girl going to a prom in this look. Still, the debate is interesting. When you think about it, most students are around 17 or 18 years old when they graduate high school. Eighteen is the age when you are legally considered an adult — you have the right to vote, can buy cigarettes, and be thrown in grown-up jail if you break the law. If this young woman is 18 years old, then technically her parents don’t really have a say over what she chooses to wear. 

Still, there is a time and a place for everything, and while Miss Thing is free to dress as she pleases, given the fact that she’s supposed to be dressed for a school function, we would probably tone it down. If you’re 20 or older, you’ve been through your teen years and understand the need for independence. While some of us might feel a little sheepish about prom chaperones having an opportunity to ogle our bits, maybe this young woman appreciates the attention.

What do you think? Is this look too much for the prom, or should we really care what a teenage girl puts on her own body?

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