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[by Bae Kye Hyun, translated by Bae Jung Yun] Jung Si Ah, who is receiving lots of love from the ma...

Jung Si Ah, “My wish is to spend some time alone, even for a day”

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[by Bae Kye Hyun, translated by Bae Jung Yun] Jung Si Ah, who is receiving lots of love from the mass public through SBS ‘Oh! My Baby’, had a pictorial with bntnews.

From the first concept, she showed a slender female image with pleasantly plain and pure dress. The second concept of vivid and yellow dress made her clear face look brighter and her cute and cheerful image to stand out. Lastly, she showed elegance and urban style with white jumpsuit. She proved her beautiful goddess beauty throughout the pictorial.

From the following interview, we could see her presently felt happiness. She said that she wants to be happy as it is. We could feel her complete family and a perfect life from her word.

Her first son Jun Woo is an elementary school student and second daughter Seo Woo grew up enough to go to the kindergarten. She, who became a parent, is having a stable life after a crazy couple of years. However, she said that she still feel uncomfortable with sending her kids to school.

A life with her husband’s father and her baby care were started right after the marriage, so she had no time to enjoy her sweet new marriage. Nevertheless, because of a thoughtful husband’s father, a homely husband and lovely children, she said that she felt like doing new marriage for 8 years.

Even though she is showing her family life through ‘Oh! My Baby’, she never showed the program to Seo Woo, who is actually a main character of the program. She said, “I don’t want my child to think that she is a special person” and talked about her parenting philosophy. In addition, “I will make the experience and opportunity for children to build their own life that they wants to live.”

About children’s future, she said, “I don’t want to force my child to become an actor. If they want to become a celebrity after their self identity established, I wouldn’t oppose to their decision.”

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