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Khloé and her mom seem to have bounced back from the incident. (Instagram/KhloeKardashian) The Ka...

Khloé Kardashian Says Kris Jenner Forced Her to Wax at Only 13

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Khloé and her mom seem to have bounced back from the incident. (Instagram/KhloeKardashian)

The Kardashians certainly never shy away from sharing every detail of their lives with the world, and Khloé’s latest revelation to People magazine, as reported by the Daily Mail, is a lot of information.

Khloé revealed that “momager” Kris Jenner forced her to get her armpits waxed when she was only 13. Eek!

“I remember when I was like 13 years old, my mom made me get a facial for the first time,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star told the magazine. “I guess I’d started growing hair under my arms [at the time], so during the facial she had someone wax my underarms. But she didn’t warn me! I was like ‘What is happening!’”

She added, “It was so traumatizing. I remember being terrified, and I didn’t want a facial for years because I thought that was part of it.”

Not warning a young girl (or anyone, really) she’s about to have wax slathered on her body and her hairs ripped out seems pretty harsh. 

But is 13 too young for hair removal, anyway? Not necessarily, says Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Jody Levine. “I think as soon as a young girl sees hair that she is self-conscious about and she is responsible enough to shave properly, is the right time to start. Most females, by the age of 8 or 9, are pretty mature,  and it is certainly not fun to be self-conscious about hair under your arms.”

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