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On April 19 at midnight KST, Lee Hi will release her full album ‘SEOULITE’. On April 6 at 4pm KST...

Lee Hi’s Full Album Will be Unveiled

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On April 19 at midnight KST, Lee Hi will release her full album ‘SEOULITE’.

On April 6 at 4pm KST, YG Entertainment announced the news through YG’s official blog.

According to unveiled track list, her album’s title song is ‘MY STAR’. The agency’s main producer Teddy and Kush participated in song writing and lyrics writing of the title song. It is a metro soul genre music, which matches well with Lee Hi and it is full of groove that can be enjoyed with its choreography like her previous song \'1, 2, 3, 4\'. Particularly, a collaboration of the two producers, who previously joined in making BIG BANG and 2NE1’s various hit songs, is anticipated by the music fans.

There is a total of six songs are included in the upcoming album. The second track ‘BLUES’ is composed by Tablo, DEE.P, Rebecca Johnson wrote and the lyrics is written by Table. Lee Hi personally participated in writing the song and the lyrics of the third track ‘PASSING BY’. This is her first time to write a song. In addition, Epik High Tablo and iKON Bobby participated in featuring several songs included in the album.

On March 9, she made her comeback with her half album ‘SEOULITE’ after three years. Her title song ‘BREATHE’ and ‘HOLD MY HAND’ swept local real time music chart and daily chart and it proved her popularity. Her new charm which will be disclosed through her upcoming full album is focusing people’s attention.

Meanwhile, Lee Hi’s full album will be released on April 19 at mignight KST. (photo by YG Entertainment)

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