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[by Bae Jung Yun] Lee Hi unveiled the music video making film of her full album title song ‘MY STAR...

Lee Hi’s Music Video Making Film Was Unveiled

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[by Bae Jung Yun] Lee Hi unveiled the music video making film of her full album title song ‘MY STAR’.

On April 21 at 10am KST, YG Entertainment released the making film that contains her lovely image with pastel tone through its official blog.

From the video, she talked about her title song by saying, “I think it would be nice for you to listen to this music when you start to fall in love with somebody and it is also great when you propose to someone.” She also said, “The song is expressing a person’s cannot controlled feeling of love, so the dance move is very precise” and slightly unveiled the choreography.

Continually, she said, “’MY STAR’ haven’t appeared for me yet. If you are interested, call me” and made people burst into laughter.

She drew people’s attention by acting the couple scene together with a handsome rapper ONE, who is her labelmate. Particularly, she had to act a kissing scene after she met him for the first time at the filming spot. She said, “I have never done this before. I was so embarrassed and didn’t know what to do” and recollected her awkward experience.

Her title song topped Naver and Bugs music chart on April 21 at 9am KST. Also, her song ‘VIDEO’ is receiving love by ranking the first place on the Genie music chart. At the same time, it also topped the iTunes album chart of Singapore and Cambodia, ranked 58th in America and 37th in Canada. She is showing her great popularity even in foreign countries.

There are six tracks included in her full album. She participated in song writing and lyrics writing of the third track ‘PASSING BY’. Moreover, her labelmate Tablo and iKON Bobby participated in featuring the fourth track ‘UP ALL NIGHT’ and fifth track ‘VIDEO’ each and completed the album with high quality.

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