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Lee Jin Wook is returning in 'Goodbye, Mr. Black.' Recent episodes of MBC drama 'Good...

Lee Jin Wook returning in 'Goodbye, Mr. Black'

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Lee Jin Wook is returning in 'Goodbye, Mr. Black.'

Recent episodes of MBC drama 'Goodbye, Mr. Black' showed the official start of the revenge of Cha Ji Won (played by Lee Jin Wook). As Cha Ji Won, who was thought to be dead, appeared again, Min Sun Jae (played by Kim Kang Woo) and Yoon Mi Ri (played by Yoo In Young) fell in a confusion, and viewers' anticipation for future development of the drama is now reaching the peak.

While Cha Ji Won was gone, Min Sun Jae took over Sunwoo Group and got married to Yoon Marie. Min Sun Jae was the one who attempted to murder Cha Ji Won, and his appearance was a big shock for him. Yoon Marie was also largely shocked. Upcoming episodes will show the tension between Cha Ji Won, Min Sun Jae, and Yoon Marie getting much more intensified.

Far away from the three, there was one woman who has awaited for Cha Ji Won with all of her heart, and that is Kim Swan (played by Moon Chae Won). One of the behind cuts show Kim Swan staring at the direction where Cha Ji Won is at, and viewers are showing huge curiosity about whether Kim Swan actually Cha Ji Won.

The production team of 'Goodbye, Mr. Black' released steal cuts from the upcoming episode, and one of the photos show Cha Ji Won offering his hand to Yoon Marie, telling her that he came to get her. Kim Swan is staring at a far distance with a surprised look, and many people are showing huge curiosity about what is going to happen with their relationship.

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