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A birth photographer has copied that Kim Kardashian naked selfie while breastfeeding her baby [Phot...

Mum Copies THAT Naked Selfie, Calls Out Facebook On Breastfeeding Censorship

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A birth photographer has copied that Kim Kardashian naked selfie while breastfeeding her baby [Photo: Instagram/laceybarrattphotography]

A mum-of-four has copied Kim Kardashian’s divisive naked bathroom shot by posing nude while breastfeeding her 11-month-old baby. Yes we’re back on that selfie. But wait, before you click off and go put the kettle on, there’s a rather important sentiment behind this latest replica.

Birth photographer Lacey Barratt from Melbourne, Australia took to her various social media channels to share her version of the KK picture that broke the internet. The images shows the mum-of-four naked while breastfeeding her youngest child and the accompanying caption “‪#stopbodyshaming‪ its the same body if there is a baby attached or not,” was designed to call out social media on the double standards of body-shaming.

“I just felt the need to say this. As a woman who actively fights Facebook and other social media platforms for censoring birth and breastfeeding images, this has bothered me,” Lacey wrote in a short essay on social media.

“The double standard of body shaming I have seen because Kim Kardashian posted a censored nudie of her body. WHO CARES?! It is a woman’s body!! Only difference is a baby isn’t hanging off her boob…so does that now make it inappropriate? No way!”

“A woman’s body should be celebrated, regardless if there is a baby on the breast, or simply because, one feels like it. Lets be very very careful not to have the same double standard facebook has.”

“Neither one of these images are sexual. Just two women’s bodies at two very different times in their post partum and pregnancy walks.”

Mum blogger Constance Hall also replicated the naked selfie [Photo: Instagram/mrsconstancehall]

One of the images from Lacey’s Humans Uncensored Project [Photo: Instagram/laceybarrattphotography]

The mum-of-four has been vocal about body-shaming in the past [[Photo: Instagram/laceybarrattphotography]

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