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A mum of twins has taken to Instagram to document her struggles with breastfeeding [Photo: Instagra...

Mum Pens Honest Instagram Post About The Realities Of Breastfeeding Twins

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A mum of twins has taken to Instagram to document her struggles with breastfeeding [Photo: Instagram/laylaygibson]

If the backlash against a certain celebrity chef’s recent comments on breastfeeding were proof of anything, it’s that nursing a baby isn’t always the easy breeze it’s sometimes made out to be. And lord help anyone who suggests otherwise. Yes we’re looking at you Jamie. 

Many a frazzled new mum has taken to social media to document their breastfeeding struggle, heck even Kim Kardashian turned to the blogosphere to discuss her own nursing difficulties. But one new mum has more reason than some to want to vent about the frustration she’d experienced nursing, not one but two babies.

Elaina Bellis, gave birth to identical twin girls, Quincy Kay and Rowe James, last month and has taken to social media to share an honest account of the struggles she’s face tandem breastfeeding both daughters.

Elaina Bellis shared this photo of her tandem breastfeeding her twin girls on Instagram [Photo: Instagram/laylaygibson]

Sharing a candid photo of her feeding her little ones, the art director from California penned a short essay about an aspect of breastfeeding that is often not discussed – not producing enough milk.

“Breastfeeding: I tried everything in my power to build a supply for my girls,” she wrote on Instagram.  “Pumping, lactation consultants, mothers milk tea/vitamins, formula wired to my nipples, up all hours of the night and having emotional breakdowns not understanding why my body couldn’t build up any milk over the last month.”

“Due to the way my birth went and excess of fluids in my body and trauma, my breasts aren’t able to supply even enough milk for one baby,” she continued.

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