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Anyone else longing for the open, honest, what-you-see-is-what-you-get-ness of one Miss Sadie...

Nashville Recap: Shady Ladies

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Anyone else longing for the open, honest, what-you-see-is-what-you-get-ness of one Miss Sadie Stone?

Though it seems like ages since the singer-songwriter graced our screens, it was barely a season ago she and Rayna were riding around Nashville, belting “Gasoline and Matches” and eluding the paparazzi like Bennifer —Lopez, not Garner — in their prime. Sure, Sadie had a teeny secret (with big, stupid fists) and wound up (accidentally!) killing that secret in a parking garage, but otherwise, she seemed like good people.

I bring her up in light of this week’s episode, which finds two relatively new Music City females going absolutely Chiquita-bananas loco. Add to that Layla’s prolonged, amorphous and rather wackadoodle revenge plan — best I can tell, her endgame involves mooning over Avery until he succumbs out of sheer boredom —  and can you blame me for reminiscing about Sadie’s sweet, simple sanity?

On the upside, Maddie gets yelled at during the hour, and that’s always a good time. And Kevin’s back! (For a hot minute.) Read on for the highlights of “When There’s Fire.”

GUNNAR GETS CHASED | Let’s start with The Exes, who arrive in Dallas all psyched about opening for Autumn Chase. That is, Scarlett and Gunnar are jazzed until they witness the country superstar hug them hello in one breath and then publicly shame one of her guitar techs by firing him in the next. Ah, I see: Autumn is terrible-crazy, not fun-crazy. Got it.

Working off their manager’s advice to just go along with whatever Autumn says, Gunny and Scarlett smile and nod through a dinner where she pries into their past, eventually getting Gunnar to admit that he proposed to Scarlett and she turned him down. It’s awkward, but Little Miss No Filter doesn’t seem to notice or care, and she goes on to spread the story among the crew after the Dallas show.

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