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New steal cuts of Ji Sung and Hye Ri from 'Entertainer' have been released. On April 13th...

New steal cuts of Ji Sung & Hye Ri from 'Entertainer' released

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New steal cuts of Ji Sung and Hye Ri from 'Entertainer' have been released.

On April 13th, the production team of new SBS drama 'Entertainer' released new steal cuts of Ji Sung and Hye Ri.

Channel SBS' new TV series, 'Entertainer,' is going to premiere in April 20th. 'Entertainer' is a drama about a rookie band called 'Ddanddara' and a guy named Shin Suk Ho (played by Ji Sung), who becomes the band's manager.

The steal cuts were taken from the scene that will show the second meet-up of Suk Ho and Green (played by Hye Ri), and they are staring at each other with a surprised look.

Suk Ho is holding Green while looking into her eyes at a very close distance, and many fans and netizens are showing explosive reactions for their sweet chemistry.

The photos were taken during a shoot that was held at a café in Busan on April 4th, and Hye Ri went through thorough body stretches before the official take. Ji Sung thoroughly examined different angles to make Hye Ri look as pretty as possible, and showed great care for her during the entire shoot. It is said that Hye Ri put her two thumbs up for Ji Sung's care.

A representative of the drama's production team said, "All of the staffs are getting amazed by Hye Ri and Ji Sung's great teamwork, and also great care for each other. Ji Sung always makes sure that Hye Ri looks ok after each take, and we hope that everyone would keep showing the same love and supports for the two."

Meanwhile, 'Entertainer' is going to premiere on April 20th as the sequel for 'Please Come Back, Mister.'

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