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We know that Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut are involved in a messy legal battle. Though the st...

New Twist In The Tale: Was Hrithik's Alleged Imposter Mailing Kangana From Abroad?

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We know that Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut are involved in a messy legal battle. Though the stars and their lawyers are going to and fro with their allegations and defences, it seems that the case is in a deadlock situation and will not resolve easily.

We know that Hrithik had mentioned that it was not him, but an imposter who had been sending Kangana emails in his name. If a statement of a particular source has any truth to it, it could mean a small victory for Hrithik on this front.

A leading daily reported the source as saying, “The emails that were being sent to Kangana were not even from this country. She should be worried about communicating with an imposter. Why is she not co-operating with the cyber crime unit? She has exchanged pictures and videos with him. If those are leaked, can you imagine what will happen? Anyone in her place would have surrendered the laptop and allowed us to catch the culprit. But she doesn’t seem keen to do so. The last thing we were told is that her computer has a virus and everything got deleted.”

Well, what do you think of that? The source added, "If Kangana is in the clear, why is she not giving her laptop to the cops? We have been asking her to do so. Why is she refusing to give her statement? If she has nothing to hide then why isn’t she coming out in the open? Hrithik has been most cooperative. He has received hundreds of emails from her. He has not replied even once. The content of her emails makes it clear that nothing has ever happened between them. And we have ascertained that in the last three years, NOT A SINGLE email or text message has gone from him to her. If a couple is in a relationship for a long time, won’t there be pictures or messages exchanged between them?”

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