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Chloe Hirst, 16, was sent home from the Lord Grey School in Bletchley, Bucks., for ‘inappropriate u...

Now Girls Are Being Sent Home From School Because Boys Are Peering Up Their Skirts

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Chloe Hirst, 16, was sent home from the Lord Grey School in Bletchley, Bucks., for ‘inappropriate uniform’ [Photo: SWNS]

Parents in Bletchley, Milton Keynes have been left angry after their teenage daughters were sent home due to the length of their skirts, being told it would encourage “boys to peer up them”.

It’s estimated that around 70 girls were asked to return home after being told they didn’t pass the uniform test at Lord Grey secondary school on the first day of term. 

The school sent home students who were wearing skirts that were shorter than the regulated knee length or trousers that they deemed too tight.

Year 11 pupil Chloe Hirst took a stand against the comments that he mode of dress was “inappropriate uniform” by telling press it was “sexist.”

She explained: "The boys never get any hassle, they are so sexist about it. I feel like it is disgusting how they ask women to dress modestly. They never used to be strict on skirts but now it is ridiculous." 

"It’s my GCSE year and they are always moaning that we are not doing enough work, yet they send us home for our uniform.”

Her dad, Jay Hirst added: “I can’t see what the problem is. She’s been wearing the same skirt for months and they pull her up now. 

"I can understand if a girl goes with a short short skirt then maybe but this was ridiculous." 

Apparently it’s a girl’s fault if a boy peers up her skirt… [Photo: SWNS]

However, head teacher Dr Tracey Jones stands by the way the uniform check was undertaken and the targeting of female students specifically. She insisted that pupils were given ample notice to prepare it. 

Though it’s her comments about the female students sexuality and her boys will be boys attitude that has riled parents and Hirst. 

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