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A mom and volunteer firefighter is being widely praised on Facebook after a photo of her breastfeed...

Photo of Breastfeeding Firefighter Stirs Emotion

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A mom and volunteer firefighter is being widely praised on Facebook after a photo of her breastfeeding her infant while in uniform has gone viral.

“This is brilliant!” noted one of the more than 1,500 commenters on the image, posted Sunday by the Country Fire Authority (CFA) of Australia, in the state of Victoria. “I’ve been thinking of joining the CFA but wasn’t sure if it would affect breastfeeding! Well now I know. Thank you CFA!” The Facebook post has been liked by more than 38,000 people and shared more than 4,100 times.

The woman in the photo, Angela Joy, is the mother of four children under the age of 10. Her husband, also a member of the same firefighting station, snapped the picture of her nursing their infant at a community event. As noted by the CFA on the post: “One of the many faces of CFA in 2016. Just to clarify, this photo of Angela, a proud mum and CFA volunteer was taken at a community event. No fires nearby and a safe environment for her child.”

Joy spoke to the ABC network about how the photo wound up on Facebook. "A couple of days ago there was a request from the CFA for pictures that represented Australia,” she said. “While this wasn’t the iconic koala or gum tree firefighter image, I sent it in. To me it represented how grateful I am to be a firefighter in the CFA in a more mature Australia working for such a diverse organization.” She added that while she wasn’t aiming to normalize breastfeeding, if her photo helped with that in any way then she was proud — particularly regarding comments from women like the new mom who was thinking about joining the CFA.

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