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A photo of a mother tandem breastfeeding her two daughters has made a splash online [Photo: Mae Bur...

Picture Of Mum Tandem Breastfeeding Her Daughters Goes Viral

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A photo of a mother tandem breastfeeding her two daughters has made a splash online [Photo: Mae Burke]

When Chelsea Craig hired a photographer to capture some precious family moments, she had no idea that one of the pictures would end up going viral.

During the shoot, Chelsea’s eldest daughter, Addy, 3 started getting hungry, so the mum-of-two decided to quickly feed her so they could continue. But her 16-month-old daughter, Emmilyn wanted to be fed too, so Chelsea nursed them both together.

Photographer Mae Burke, who specialises in breastfeeding pictures, decided to capture the ‘tandem breastfeeding’ moment and the picture has since been shared online.

The poignant moment was captured by photographer Mae Burke [Photo: Mae Burke]

But Chelsea insists she wasn’t trying to make a statement with the image and doesn’t consider herself a breastfeeding ‘activist’.

“I’m very confident in the decision that this is what’s right for us,” she told People. “I consider myself a supporter of women’s rights and the choices that we make as mums. For some, that’s breastfeeding until the kid is 7, for some that’s breastfeeding until the kid is 2 weeks, for some it’s not breastfeeding at all, and that’s okay with me.”

Explaining that she hadn’t expected to breastfeed Addy for more than a year, Chelsea also added that she is letting her daughter decide when she is ready to stop.

“I don’t know how much longer the journey will be,” she said. “I thought I knew three years ago, but I didn’t.”

Kossondra Coxson faced criticism for sharing this photo on Facebook [Photo: Facebook/Jen Pritchett Photography]

But the mum-of-two has hit back at the criticism on her blog.

“I’ve always been self-conscious so people looking at me while breastfeeding was something I tried to avoid,” she wrote.  

“After a while though I decided I didn’t care about people’s thoughts on the subject anymore.”

Explaining that the original goal of the photos was to capture memories of motherhood, she continued:

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