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Popular TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee committed suicide today by hanging from the fan at her Mumbai...

Pratyusha Banerjee's Boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh Absconding During This Trying Time?⁠⁠⁠⁠

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Popular TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee committed suicide today by hanging from the fan at her Mumbai home. She was rushed to the Kokilaben hospital where she was declared dead. Though the reason for this drastic step is not yet known there is a buzz that the actress was suffering from heartache over a failed love affair with Rahul Raj Singh.

There is more. Apparently, it was Rahul who rushed Pratyusha to the hospital after he found her hanging in her home. Rahul made a phone call to her uncle and told him about the suicide. However, on reaching the hospital, Rahul, in a very shocking manner, left with his and Pratyusha’s phones on the pretext of booking flight ticket for her parents.

What is strange is that Rahul is nowhere to be found since then. He did not book tickets for her parents as he had mentioned and has supposedly absconded from the scene.

Onlookers mention that before he left, Rahul was spotted munching on some ‘chips’ at the hospital and appeared causual and unaffected before he took off. However, the question is, why did he take with him both their phones, which are now switched off!

Also, some reports suggest that the police are also suspecting some foul play in this tragic incident. Pratyusha’s body apparently had a faint rope mark on her neck. Her left cheek is bruised. She had blood coming from her mouth. But neither her eyes nor her tongue had popped out, which is normally the case when someone hangs themselves. These are the factors that are currently being investigated by the authorities.

Well, news is that it was Pratyusha’s ex boyfriend Mac who came to the rescue and booked the tickets of her parents. They will reach the hospital early morning on Saturday. Mac, who was crying  inconsolably, was also upset about the fact that Rahul is absconding.

Other friends of Pratyusha, who did not wish to be named, mentioned that the couple used to fight a lot. Apparently, Rahul also used to call up Pratyusha’s friends at midnight and yell at them.

Pratyusha’s colleague mentioned, “Police will go ahead and find the truth. Rahul should have been here but he isn’t.”

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