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In which we learn where Caleb is in the future/present, but we continue to get a headache trying to...

'Quantico' Recap: So That's What Caleb's Been Up To (Or Is It?)

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In which we learn where Caleb is in the future/present, but we continue to get a headache trying to keep track of who’s who in Raina and Nimah’s Parent Trap-ing.

1. Since her shocking meeting with Shelby at the end of last week’s episode, Alex has been frantically trying to get in touch with her former friend, leaving her voicemails, and tracking down info on the SUV Shelby was driving. Turns out it was rented by a Mr. Mark Raymond.

2. Nimah and Ryan are working together to spy on Alex, because they think she’s crazy obsessed with conspiracy theories… and because they’re both angry with her. Ryan because Hannah lost her position with the Bureau, and Nimah because Alex used her name to get access to the safehouse where Will was being held. Whatever is motivating him most — like, say, his lingering feelings for Alex — Ryan calls Claire Haas and warns her that Alex is poking around for answers. 

3. At Quantico, the NATS are being given comprehensive medical screenings, because as Liam tells them (with a perfectly straight face), “Never forget, you are our greatest weapons against America’s enemies.”

4. Shelby is in a rare giddy mood, because she just got a letter from her parents. Which was almost certainly actually written by Caleb. 

5. Miranda is called into a meeting with the Office of Professional Responsibility, where she’s told she’s been found guilty of professional misconduct and abuse of authority. She’s out at Quantico and will be reassigned to a local field office, and she does not take the news well. She knows she made some boo-boos, but she thinks the punishment meted out to her is a result of a little thing called a vagina… you know, the fact that she has one… She thinks the OPR is sexist, okay? 

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