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Go big or go home! At the MTV Movie Awards on Saturday, Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine showed the w...

Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine Make Out After Winning the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss

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Go big or go home! At the MTV Movie Awards on Saturday, Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine showed the world why they definitely deserved their Best Kiss honors. As they collected the coveted award for their lip lock in Pitch Perfect 2, the duo decided to return to the long-defunct tradition of celebrating their achievement with an on-stage smooch.  

“It’s quite incredible we won this award because in real life we have absolutely no sexual chemistry,” the 36-year-old actress began their acceptance speech. “We’ve got none, zero, zilch, nada,” DeVine confirmed. “I’m not turned on by soft, pillowy lips.” Wilson added, “And I’m not aroused by his little cabbage patch face and tight bubble butt.”

"And I’m not turned on by those emerald green…” DeVine, 32, continued, his words trailing off. That’s when they kissed. But it wasn’t just any kiss. It was a kiss for the history books (or the Internet, at least).

The make-out session lasted over 30 seconds and the twosome tumbled to the floor in a seeming throw of passion. (Wilson’s nether region was pixilated as the camera panned up her skirt. Fortunately, she was wearing Spanx.) Once Wilson and DeVine had composed themselves, they managed to say thank you to the crowd — before making out yet again.

They smacked each other’s butts and Wilson collected her shoes as they darted off the stage. And with that memorable lip lock, Wilson and DeVine brought the MTV Awards back to its glory days when it was all but expected that the winners of this prize would humor the rest of us with a kiss after accepting the award.

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