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It’s already been established in Supergirl that the superhero has no real chance at a love life. It...

Supergirl Recap: No Time For Love In ‘Bizarro’

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It’s already been established in Supergirl that the superhero has no real chance at a love life. It’s not because our heroine is not attractive or she isn’t insanely smart; it’s because she just doesn’t have the time. Between fetching Cat’s coffee during the day to fighting crime at night, there is no time in Kara’s life for dating. But nevertheless, Kara still gives it a go with some interesting results.

This week opens with a flashback to three months ago at Lord Technologies. Maxwell is seen injecting a strange substance into a comatose girl. We’re back to the normal timeline where Lord is calling his new experiment, an exact replica of Supergirl, his perfect creation. Over at the DEO Hank, Alex and Supergirl try and figure out who the mysterious blonde lookalike is. Hank says that it couldn’t be a Maxwell Lord creation because he a comatose girl a few weeks ago - and Maxwell isn’t a God. 

At work, Winn is finally talking to Kara again but the shocker comes in the form of Cat, who turns up to the office with her own coffee. Wait - scrap that. Cat turns up to the office with her own coffee AND has one for Kara. What’s going on? Why the sudden change? Well, it turns out Cat is being nice to Kara because she’s going on a date with her son Adam. Cat calls an editorial meeting to think of headlines for the Supergirl-2 story. After everyone comes up with terrible ideas Kara speaks up saying that it could be an imposter and Cat takes on that angle. Kara, James and Winn take a trip down to their secret lair to try and figure out who this imposter is. Over at Lord Technologies, Maxwell is feeding negative ideas of Supergirl into the doppelgänger’s brain to make it her aim to kill National City’s hero.

Kara and Adam’s date goes off to a good start but it’s unfortunately interrupted with breaking news - the National City Tramway has a mechanical failure so people have been left hanging over the bay. Kara makes up an excuse to leave and Supergirl arrives to save the day, but the doppelgänger turns up too. “We kill Supergirl,” says the lookalike as she initiates a fight. But Kara manages to break away to save the tram when it starts falling, while the lookalike watches. The next day, Cat decides to name the doppelgänger ‘Bizarro’. Winn figures out who ‘Bizarro’ is - It has taken Maxwell seven tries to create the perfect Supergirl doppelgänger as he’s been claiming comatose girls to experiment on.

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