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[by Lee Lin, translated by Bae Jung Yun] After the end of MBC drama ‘Pots of Gold’, Lee Tae Sung co...

The Reason Why 30-Year-Old Lee Tae Sung Is More Expected

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[by Lee Lin, translated by Bae Jung Yun] After the end of MBC drama ‘Pots of Gold’, Lee Tae Sung completed serving in the military and came back to drama viewers in July, 2015 without a break in between. After discharge from military service, he, who came back with bigger responsibility, met with bntnews.

From ended MBC drama ‘My Mom’, he put down his original image and tried a new transformation. He took a role of immature troublemaker, second son, Kim Gang Jae in the drama and blended well with the character by breaking his original smart chief image.

“It was a totally different character. He was not an elite nor a young gentleman, but just a troublemaker in an ordinary family. Because it was a relaxed character, I was able to let myself go. During the acting, what I thought the most important was freedom of acting. I wanted alive and moving expression in the everyday life. Drawing character in three dimensions was much harder for me. A character, Kim Gang Jae had a lot of ups and downs.”

It was about seven months of a long journey. Particularly, he needed to concentrate on the drama because it was his first drama after coming back from a long period of military service. He received a synopsis during his army service and started filming the drama right after discharging from the army. He said the casting offer of the drama ‘My Mom’ came to him like a destiny.

“I received a synopsis when I was a sergeant. Then, after discharge from the army, I had a meeting with the drama director. My role was a former baseball player, who quit his job because of the shoulder injury. I actually experienced the same situation, so the role touched my heart. I really liked it. It is hard to meet a character who has a melodramatic scene with two actresses and I was also attracted to Kim Gang Jae who has a three-dimensional feeling.”

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