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If you don’t want to know, look away Thar she blows. Was that good? Was it? I can’t tell. I mea...

The Walking Dead: Last Day on Earth review (DEFINITELY SPOILERS)

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If you don’t want to know, look away

Thar she blows. Was that good? Was it? I can’t tell.

I mean, I think it was, I liked it. Yeah, I liked it.

So, yes, once again the writers have manufactured a way to stretch out the anticipation. Instead of doing what they’ve been promising and building up for weeks, killing someone by Negans hand, they, in fact, don’t. Negan does beat someone to death, but that person is in first person so we don’t know who it is. Not until the Autumn anyway.

Now we have to wait for another bunch of months, the adverts and the anticipation building even more until we learn who exactly got pulped. It’s just a shame that we didn’t see who. The whole season has been building to this and we’ve been told that it would happen but nah, not really.

It could still be anyone. My bet is on Eugene, I mean, he got that whole emotional goodbye which actually got me. So It’s most likely him, or Abraham, Carl or Rick. To be honest, I’m gonna be annoyed if it’s none of the biggies (yes, I may have a bloodlust).

Don’t you think the cliffhanger will lessen the impact, though? What are we gonna do, cut right back to the dead face of whomever in the Season 7 premiere? or are the writers gonna drag it out till episode 2 and spend the first episode with Morgan and Carol sipping Tea?

Sorry, I thought I’d just get down my points on the page, it has no real cohesion but it kinda suits the episode, no?

Negan was great. Jeffrey Dean Morgan had menace and all the good evil qualities he needed to have which really ramped up the tension.

For a little while, the game of cat and mouse the saviours were playing with Rick was menacing, blocking the road here and there until the RV had to be abandoned. Though, It did get a bit tedious as we realised the minutes were drawing steadily down.

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