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Consider Daryl Dixon Schrodinger’s Alexandrian — until we see next week’s Season 6 finale of The Wa...

'The Walking Dead': Why That Character Is Definitely Dead… and Why He Might Not Be

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Consider Daryl Dixon Schrodinger’s Alexandrian — until we see next week’s Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead, he can be alive or dead. Dwight pulled the trigger on his gun, and Daryl’s head was definitely in the line of fire, but does that mean everyone’s beloved motorcycle-ridin’, crossbow-shootin’, apocalypse survivor is really, truly gone, and that, as fans have promised all along would happen if such a tragedy occurred, rioting should immediately commence? Read on before making up your mind, and share your take on DD’s status in the comments.

Why He’s Definitely Dead: 

1. Dwight pulled the trigger on his gun. It was aimed at Daryl’s head. Blood splattered everywhere, including the camera. 

2. Both Andy Lincoln and Lauren Cohan have made comments that led us to believe one of the most beloved cast members was going to be killed off, and in a gruesome manner, in the season finale. Sure, technically, this happened in the penultimate episode of the season, but we’re not going to get confirmation about Daryl until the finale, so maybe this is what Lincoln was referring to when he said the season finale script made him physically ill? 

3. Daryl’s not in the comics, so there’s no storyline continuity or overlap to worry about in killing him off.

4. In the leaked international promo for the season finale, Daryl does not appear, but Rick and company are carrying someone on a stretcher. Maybe they’re carrying Daryl’s body back to Alexandria for burial? 

5. Norman Reedus is starring in his own reality series — Ride With Norman Reedus — on AMC later this year. Some fans have theorized the reality show’s premiere date will be announced soon, and was created partly to soften the blow of losing Norman and Daryl from TWD.

6. Another theory suggests Daryl is at the end of his storyline arc, having completed his journey from loner to valued member of Rick’s group, so his death will be used to propel the stories for other characters as the group is forced to mingle with lots of new people, some friendly, and some… Negan.

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