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The quiz takes less than 5 minutes. (Photo: Getty Images) Just the idea of being tested for a sex...

These 6 Questions Can Predict Your Risk of Having an STI

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The quiz takes less than 5 minutes. (Photo: Getty Images)

Just the idea of being tested for a sexually transmitted infection (STI) is overwhelming for some, and that can keep people from being tested at all. So researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine found a way to make the process a little easier.

They devised a quick quiz to help people assess their risk of having an STI. The quiz asks your age, as well as the following questions:

Have you had either (or both) a new sexual partner or multiple sexual partners in the last 90 days?
Do you have more than one sex partner at the present time?
Have you ever been told you had or been treated for a sexually transmitted infection in the past?
How many sex partners have you had in the past 90 days?
When you have sex, do you use a condom?
After taking the test, the quiz assigns you a score and tells you whether you have a low, intermediate, high, or very high risk of having an STI. All questions aren’t created equal — some, such as condom use and your number of sexual partners, are weighted more heavily than others.

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The quiz’s questions were tested through research on 836 women and 558 men in their early 20s. The results were published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections.

According to the study, the majority of people who took the quiz didn’t receive a high-risk score, and only 14 percent of women and 7 percent of men had an STI. But women who received a high-risk score were at a much greater risk of actually having an STI:  They were four times more likely to have chlamydia, gonorrhea, or trichomoniasis.

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