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Can Civil War arrives already? No because we kinda all know how this season is going to end - a mas...

TV Show Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Paradise Lost or Malick is having a bad day

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Can Civil War arrives already? No because we kinda all know how this season is going to end - a massive fight between S.H.I.E.L.D and Hydra once again and the Inhumans will be the center of the attention. And that’s fine but this episode of Agents was once again a filler. But it’s been some time that we get an awesome episode then a filler than an awesome episode, etc. So if I follow the logic, the next episode will be great. And I guess it will as for the USA it’s the episode just before Civil War. 

Except for Malick, there’s not much going on there. And if it feels good to see the character loses everything, since the return of Hive on Earth he was expendable. I don’t know why people don’t see what’s in front of them. In this case: something that kill everyone that pissed one off. 

Although, we got one of the best fight scene in this sterile, white environment that just offered us to focus on the moves of May and Giyera. That was impressive in terms of choreography, beauty and even grace. It always a pleasure to see May kick ass. If some show like Daredevil are way better in terms of, well, almost everything, Agents doesn’t have to blush in terms of fight choreography, stunts and badass character. 

Bad hair day happens to everybody, mate. 

It was also time to know a bit more about Hive. He’s keeping all the memories of all the people he took the body to survive. So, he can be Grant Ward but he can also be Nathaniel Malick for example. And Nate has some unsolved issues with his big brother. Something about faith and cheating. But there’s two things that we might see that will be able to make it suffers: bird somehow and Alveus, one of the first Inhuman created. 

Seriously, he’s so hot it’s unfair. 

But his return is making Coulson going stir crazy. Despite everything he went through, Phil knows that he killed Ward because of Rosalind and that he went against his moral code. And he also knows that Hive has the advantage because of the guilt he cannot overcome. 

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