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As we get closer and closer to the start of Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas this Sunday night, it’s worth...

'Wrestlemania' 32: Five Legendary WWE Promo Videos to Get You Pumped

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As we get closer and closer to the start of Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas this Sunday night, it’s worth considering what goes into making a great match at the The Showcase of the Immortals. You need a raucous crowd in a vast venue, and the tens of thousands expected to fill AT&T Stadium — home of the Dallas Cowboys — this weekend certainly qualifies. You need some compelling storylines (okay, we’re maybe struggling a little with those this time around, but there are a few) and the biggest names in the business (not terrible, considering the number of injuries that have plagued the WWE over the last year). Throw in some elaborate entrances, fireworks and celebrity sightings, and you’ve got the formula for a great Wrestlemania.

But we’re missing one thing: the hype video. In 2014, Wired magazine published a deserving profile of Adam Pennucci, the WWE employee in charge of editing together the promos that make the biggest matches on the card feel even more epic. Through the years there have been plenty of hype masterpieces, but here are five of our favorites to get you ready for Sunday’s granddaddy of them all.

We will start with the two men who are likely the best performers in the history of the event. The 2010 rematch pitted The Heartbreak Kid’s career against The Deadman’s streak, with the video showing Michaels’ yearlong journey attempting to avenge his loss at Wrestlemania 25. Set to Placebo’s “Running Up That Hill,” it tracks the collapse of Michaels over the course of the winter, falling short at the Royal Rumble and eventually costing Undertaker the title in an attempt to goad him into the match. When Michaels gave his retirement speech the next night on “Raw,” he gave Pennucci a shoutout.

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