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Azealia Banks has attempted to explain why she launched into a lengthy tirade and sent racist and h...

Azealia Banks Says ‘Racist And Homophobic’ Attack On Zayn Malik Was Out Of Rage

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Azealia Banks has attempted to explain why she launched into a lengthy tirade and sent racist and homophobic insults to Zayn Malik – but insisted she’s still ‘insanely f*****g talented’.

The Twitter row began on Tuesday when she suggested the former One Direction singer’s new video was influenced by her work. Malik then posted two tweets Banks believed to be about her.

She then embarked on a rant that included insults perceived by many to have been racist and homophobic.

After being told to ‘simmer down’ by Disney actress Skai Jackson, Banks turned her attention to her, calling the 14-year-old a ‘little black b***h’.

On Wednesday evening Banks, above, posted screengrabs of messages she had written to a blogger where she tried to explain her words and actions.

The 24-year-old said she tweeted at Malik, below, because she was ‘angry’ and wanted to ‘remind him we’re both in the same boat in this industry and people of colour’.

Focusing on her tweets about Jackson, Banks said she believed it was Jackson’s mother behind the computer – although there does not appear to be any reason for this – which is why she was more forceful in her tweets. She claimed Jackson’s mother should spend time ‘trying to hone in on her daughter’s artistic skills rather than try and force this over-sexualised image of a little girl onto the public’.

She followed up with the tweets: ‘Resisting the urge to say loads more terrible things to each and every one of you. But obviously I’m insanely f****g talented and have already lowered myself to the levels of people who don’t even deserve to share the same.’

The tweets are all that is left on Banks’ Twitter timeline after she deleted the majority of her history following the backlash.

The New York-based rapper called Malik a ‘curry scented b***h’ and wrote: ‘Imma start calling you punjab you dirty b***h’.

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