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Michaela DePrince has found freedom at last. Dressed in a vintage white dress, flower crown and n...

Ballerina Michaela DePrince on Her Personal Journey to 'Freedom' in Beyonce's 'Lemonade'

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Michaela DePrince has found freedom at last.

Dressed in a vintage white dress, flower crown and nude-colored pointe shoes, she's the beautiful, fascinating ballerina that graces the stage during the "Freedom" sequence in Beyoncé's visual album, Lemonade.

Ever since Beyoncé debuted the track during a one-hour special on HBO last month, the internet has been buzzing about the powerful cameos the 34-year-old singer enlisted to help tell her haunting tale. And the Sierra Leone-born professional ballet dancer's empowering performance, complete with flawless arabesques, perfect extensions and Swan Lake-inspired arm movements, was nothing short of amazing. Her own story may explain why.

DePrince, 21, was personally contacted by Beyoncé, who sent the professional dancer a message by using the 'contact me' feature on her website.

"When my mom saw the message from Beyoncé, she forwarded it to me, but I thought it was a joke," DePrince tells ET, reflecting on the moment she discovered she would be featured in the pop star's visual album. "However, I passed it on to my agent, just in case. And sure enough, it was the real thing!"

Before she knew it, DePrince found herself on a plantation in New Orleans, Louisiana, for two days of choreographing on the spot and meeting one of her idols.

"She turned out to be friendly, warm, caring and down-to-earth -- not at all a diva!" DePrince reveals. "She even told me, 'It's such an honor to have you here.' But [I told her] the honor was all mine. I so admire her genius and creativity."

When it came to creating a dance for "Freedom," Beyoncé and her team left the creative decisions up to DePrince.

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