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Blake Lively majorly upped the style and beauty stakes when she arrived at the Met Gala on Monday...

Blake Lively's hairstylist on how to recreate her Met Gala look

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Blake Lively majorly upped the style and beauty stakes when she arrived at the Met Gala on Monday night. Dazzling fans in a striking floor-length Burberry gown, the 28-year-old actress also turned heads with the dramatic chignon she chose for the evening. Now celebrity hairstylist Rod Ortega, who created the former Gossip Girl star's 'do for the evening, has revealed exactly how he put together the look, step by step.

"I started with wet hair and sprayed heat spray onto her root to give it more volume," he revealed, before explaining: "I finger dried the hair starting at the root area with the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i dryer. Once finger dried, I took the T3 Vent Brush (that comes with the dryer) and smoothed it in pieces here and there, keeping some texture. I wanted the final look to let the hair expand – didn't want it too tight."

Rod continued: "Next take the top section of the hair into a triangle (from temple to temple to the back of the head) and clip it out. Then smooth the remaining hair into a ponytail. Ponytail is not too high, not too low, just at the middle part of the back of her head. Then take the top triangle section and backcomb it with the brush, so it has a little more height than on the sides.

"Then take the hair bun nets and cut in two half-moon pieces," he said. "Take two pieces of hair and wrap around the half-moon bun pieces. Place them on the side of the bun and anchor with pins, blending it as you go. Finish by taking two other pieces of hair and twisting them around the big bun. Securing with pins. Key is to not be too perfect."

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