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BTS debuted #1 on 'Music Trend.' During May 15th broadcast of SBS 'Music Trend,'...

BTS debuts #1 on 'Music Trend'

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BTS debuted #1 on 'Music Trend.'

During May 15th broadcast of SBS 'Music Trend,' K-Pop boy band BTS garnered the #1 trophy, defeating AKDONG MUSICIAN and TWICE.

After receiving the award, Ji Min said, "Today is the last day of our new album promotion, and it is the first time for us to receive this #1 trophy on 'Music Trend.' We would like to express sincere thanks to all of our agency members and staffs, and also to our fans. It is all thanks to our fans that we stand here today."

BTS is going to commence their new Asia tour, '2016 BTS LIVE Most Beautiful Moment In Life on stage : epilogue' in June, and hold concerts in Taiwan, Macau, China (Nanjing & Beijing), and Japan (Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo).

Meanwhile, singers who appeared on this week's 'Music Trend' include Tiffany, BTS, AKDONG MUSICIAN, TWICE, Lee Hi, Nam Woo Hyun, VIXX, SEVENTEEN, LOVELYZ, NCT U, Hong Jin Young, UP10TION, LABOUM, Stephanie, Sam Kim, MIX, and TWO STARS.

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