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Not since the days of Marie Antoinette has a cake-bearing woman been asking for such a complete a...

#Empire Recap: Grand-Ma Seizures Plus: EP Talks Lucious' 'Love' for Cookie, the Tricks Up Anika's Sleeve

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Not since the days of Marie Antoinette has a cake-bearing woman been asking for such a complete and total takedown as Lucious Lyon’s mother on this week’s Empire.

Leah Walker might present herself as a kindly old grandmother type, but the way she waves a knife in her son’s face, then hisses, “Sorry I was too weak to kill you when I had the chance,” gives me a case of the mean chillakers (a new term I coined just now to describe the feelings I get from the old battle axe’s threats). She does bake a mean confection — or, rather, a half-dozen of ’em — but before we dig in, somebody had better check on Juanita!

Oh, wait! I’m burying the hot, gay sex — and I’m all about that life!

Jamal meets contentious with American Sound Awards’ musical director D-Major/Derek (Tobias Truvillion), and before you can say “baby lock them doors and turn the lights down low” the two sexy fellas are (euphemism alert) pushing and shoving and (not a euphemism) making beautiful music together. I’m officially ‘shipping JaMajor, even if it’s all built on a foundation of internal homophobia, music-industry politics and lies we tell ourselves.

Allow me to recap the action from Season 2, Episode 16 — before jumping to some thoughts on what’s ahead from executive producer Sanaa Hamri.

ASA IN THE HOLE | Meeting with D-Major to plan their ASA set, Cookie insists the Lyons need seven minutes, not four. Unfortunately, Jamal, Hakeem and Lucious are all so deeply invested in promoting their own interests/careers that they can’t settle on a unified performance. “Y’all sound like a rack of bitches!” shrieks Cookie, but they’re all left silenced when Andre waltzed in with Lucious’ presumed-dead mother Leah.

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