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Tuesday’s Faking It (series!) finale may have ended with an emotional rendition of “Auld Lang Syne,...

Faking It Boss Expands on Series Finale Twists, Shares Dream Season 4 Ideas

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Tuesday’s Faking It (series!) finale may have ended with an emotional rendition of “Auld Lang Syne,” but these old acquaintances shall never be forgot…ten.

TVLine spoke with series creator Carter Covington about a few of the night’s big twists, as well as what he had planned for Season 4 — but first, a quick recap:

Upon realizing that Amy was still heartbroken over Sabrina — and, more importantly, that Sabrina could give Amy the love she wasn’t able to — Karma arranged for the reformed liar to speak her truth at the big New Year’s Eve party. And speak her truth she did, eliciting tears (and forgiveness!) from Amy.

Meanwhile, Shane proved his love for Noah by standing up to his transphobic brother, and Lauren and Liam’s midnight kiss proved to be more than a mere publicity stunt when both halves of #Booper felt undeniable sparks. Speaking of kissing, the episode — and the series, sadly — ended with a lip lock between Karma and… Felix?!

OK, time to talk to Covington:

TVLINE | I don’t know what this says about me, but I laughed really hard when Karma’s house burned down.
[Laughs] Well, it took us forever to get the VFX of the house burning, so I’m glad you liked it. We needed to think of some way to get Amy and Karma into the same house.

TVLINE | I also appreciated that Amy and Karma looked way hotter than everyone else at the party. I guess that’s been a running theme all along, though.
It’s so true. If you go back and look at the pilot, we went for realism. It now feels very separate from the rest of the show, because after the pilot, we were all kind of like, “OK, maybe we went too real.” Ever since then, it’s been a glam squad. Amy and Karma’s wardrobes were absurd for high school students, especially when Karma was homeless for a while.

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