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In-production blockbuster sequel ‘Fast & Furious 8′ is currently making history by shooting i...

Fast & Furious 8 Set Video Posted From Cuba

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In-production blockbuster sequel ‘Fast & Furious 8′ is currently making history by shooting in Havana, Cuba - and now we have an on-set video to prove it.

It’s the first time a Hollywood blockbuster has been able to shoot on the Communist-ruled Caribbean island, whose infamously troubled relationship with the US has relaxed in recent months, notably with a state visit from President Obama.

The team on the high-octane sequel shared the brief video on Instagram, noting, “#F8 is making history in Cuba. #FastFridays”

Watch the clip below.

We see stars Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez, plus the film’s director F Gary Gray, shooting sun-kissed crowd scenes in the Cuban capital - along with the sight of two dilapidated-looking Cuban cars in a classic ‘Fast & Furious’ street race.

This might seem an unlikely spectacle - but then, this is ‘Fast & Furious.’ These movies thrive on the unlikely.

Of course, Cuba will be but one of the locations the movie takes in - as the teaser image below suggests, it will be set primarily in New York City.

‘Fast & Furious 8′ marks the series debut of director Gray, who has some experience with car action thanks to his work on the 2003 remake of ‘The Italian Job.’

The film also sees Gray reunite with ‘Italian Job’ star Charlize Theron, said to be appearing as a new ‘Fast & Furious’ villain.

‘Fast & Furious 8’ will also see the return of existing franchise stars Dwayne Johnson, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, Eva Mendes, Lucas Black, Kurt Russell and Jason Statham - with a new arrival in Scott Eastwood.

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