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Bless their hearts. Even though it’s the end of the world on Fear the Walking Dead, Chris and Ali...

Fear the Walking Dead Recap: Guilt Trips, Now Boarding!

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Bless their hearts. Even though it’s the end of the world on Fear the Walking Dead, Chris and Alicia were still indulging their guilty consciences in this week’s episode — in the former’s case, with bloody disastrous results. (Emphasis on the bloody.) Who wound up worse for wear, thanks to Chris’ attempt to make up for his mistake? Read on and find out!

‘WE CAN’T BRING JUST ANYBODY’ | Early on in “Captive,” Jack scolded Alicia for sneaking onto the deck of Connor’s boat (which turned out to be at a marina). The smitten teen didn’t want his potential girlfriend to get on the boss’ bad side. “He can be a little… ” Jack explained. (And we never did quite find out what “…” meant.) Whatever, Alicia replied more or less. All she wanted to know was whether her family had been dropped off safely on shore.

Aboard the Abigail, when a badly injured Reed wasn’t warning his captors that Connor “might be a little bent” when his kid brother didn’t return with the yacht or describing what he’d do to Ofelia once he got free, he was bragging that his sib had a dozen men and five boats. (Hardly Negan-sized numbers, but respectable for this early in the apocalypse.) Upon learning that intel, Daniel was done “treating” the hostage. However, Chris, dying to help after letting Connor’s crew on board in the first place, offered to stand guard. Fine, said Daniel. Just “do not engage.” (Cue the engaging in 3, 2… )

‘I DID WHAT YOU MADE ME DO’ | On the bridge of the Abigail, Luis couldn’t believe his ears when Strand (slowly recovering) backed Maddie’s plan to retrieve her family before heading to Baja. Even if they succeeded in getting Alicia and Travis back, Luis reminded Strand — in Spanish, pointlessly, since Daniel was present — he only had money for two people, and “they” charged by the head. (Hmm… )

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