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Jon Snow is back. But as we learned from Beric Dondarrion way back in season 2, resurrection does h...

‘Game of Thrones’ 101: The Story of Jon Snow, from Timid Bastard to Resurrected Leader (Photos)

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Jon Snow is back. But as we learned from Beric Dondarrion way back in season 2, resurrection does have its cost. Death may have changed Jon Snow, so let’s look back on the man he was so we can more easily compare that to the man he is.

Jon Snow carries the Snow surname because he’s a bastard of the North. Ned Stark claimed Jon when he was a baby, bringing him back from Robert’s Rebellion and raising him alongside his legitimate sons and daughters.

When the Starks discover a little of direwolve pups whose mother has been killed, each of the Stark children — including Jon Snow — adopts one. Jon names his Ghost, because it’s an albino.

When Ned Stark travels south with King Robert to take on the role of Hand of the King in season 1, Jon makes the decision to carve out his own place in the world. He travels north, to the Wall, to become a member of the Night’s Watch like his uncle Benjen. But Benjen disappears beyond the Wall quickly after Jon arrives, and he is on his own.

Jon hoped to become a Ranger like his uncle, but is instead named a steward — one of the housekeepers of the Night’s Watch. But it turns out that Lord Commander Mormont had a hand in this, and made Jon his personal steward, apparently to groom him to become Lord Commander someday. Upon saving Mormont from an undead wight, Mormont gives Jon a Valyrian steel sword called Longclaw.

When news of Ned Stark’s death reaches Castle Black, Jon Snow tries to abandon his post to fight the Lannisters with his brother Robb. His pals Sam, Pypar and Green catch up to him and convince him to come back and fight the good fight in the Far North.

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