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Spoilers! Huge pointers this week, to back up the fan’s greatest theory which we nearly, so nearly, got proof of in Episode 3. But th...

Game of Thrones: The Prince That Was Promised


Huge pointers this week, to back up the fan’s greatest theory which we nearly, so nearly, got proof of in Episode 3.

But they surely won’t confirm it this early, will they?

Jon Snow seems destined to be revealed as a Targaryen, but Bran’s latest vision stopped short of entering the Tower of Joy to see Ned Stark greet his sister and her child, fathered by Rhaegar (if the theories are true).

Melisandre is now convinced that Jon is Azor Ahai, the ‘Prince That Was Promised’. Could the Red Priestess be wrong again though? Daenerys would likely point out that dragons are gender neutral and therefore, it could be she, Daenerys, who is the promised one.

According to lore, the power of magic faded from Westeros and winters grew colder with the death of the last dragon. But now they’re back, born to Daenerys from a funeral pyre, their hatching coinciding with the appearance of the Red Comet in the skies over both Westeros and Essos. Interpreted differently by many people to back up their own claims, it’s Old Nan who stated it’s the return of dragons, with magic also growing stronger again. It was also - coincidentally or not - the same night Jon joined the Night’s Watch. Pivotal moments for both characters, each setting out on a new journey.

Prophecies are always subject to interpretation and the one regarding Azor Ahai - a legendary figure in the faith of R’hllor - says he will be “reborn to wake dragons from stone” and challenge The Others after a long summer that descends into darkness. If he fails to defeat them, the world will fail with him. Jon is one of the few leaders who’s grasped that the White Walkers are the true enemy and that the noble houses of Westeros will need to unite to defeat them; Dany’s dragon eggs were of stone and yet, they awoke.

In her visit to the House of the Undying, Dany’s vision of Rhaegar has him saying “the dragon has three heads”. So is there a third Targaryen, who will join Daenerys and Jon to ride the dragons against the darkness? Tyrion is the favourite in more fan theories, buoyed up by Tywin’s assertion to Tyrion that “you’re no son of mine”. But to be fair, Tyrion had just shot him with a crossbow, on the loo; sons have been disowned for less …

In the books the obvious choice would be Aegon, but since he’s not (yet) appeared in the series, it seems unlikely. At least the other two dragons are now unchained, albeit not free in the usual sense of the word, thanks to the Imp - but in the books, it was Quentyn Martell who took that task upon himself and paid with his life, as the dragons unleashed all hell across Meereen. Is that destruction to come in future episodes? It’s anyone’s guess, since the end of Book 5 was so different to end of S5 / beginning of S6, and the characters shaping the action in the book either never existed in the series (Aegon) or no longer exist (Ser Barristan).

Azor Ahai is said to have the blood of the dragon: Daenerys, a Targaryen daughter, most definitely has it. And if Jon is indeed the son of Rhaegar, then he too possesses it. Rhaegar was a firm believer in the prophecy of The Prince That Was Promised being a leader who will bring them back out of the darkness, and both Jon and Dany’s story arcs have them in place to fulfill that role. But only Jon is the offspring of both ice and fire, and since the whole epic’s true title is A Song of Ice and Fire, I’ll confess I’m leaning his way.