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Not so long ago it was reported that Gigi Hadid was willing to ditch New York and move to Los Angel...

Gigi Hadid To Take Four Months Off To Move To London With Zayn Malik

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Not so long ago it was reported that Gigi Hadid was willing to ditch New York and move to Los Angeles for her boyfriend, Zayn Malik, but now the rumour mill has changed LA for sunny London - but the deal still remains.

Ooft, these two really must be serious then.

According to mysterious sources, the 21-year-old supermodel is eager to join Zayn on the road as he promotes his debut album ‘Mind Of Mine’, putting her own career on hold for a whopping four months.

The insider explained: “Zayn is on the cusp of announcing a UK tour and when it happens he wants to have Gigi by his side.

"Currently she wants to come and live in the UK to support him - they’re both really excited to spend more time together.”

However, Gigi’s mum Yolanda Foster is understandably concerned about the impact that this could have on her daughter’s own career, with the source adding to LOOK magazine: “Gigi’s mum Yolanda has been particularly vocal about the plan.

"She feels Gigi is at the height of her career right now and she’s worried it could be a mistake to risk it all for a man.

"Even her friends like Kendall Jenner have warned her to be careful. They’ve seen how hard she’s worked to break the fashion industry.”

The revelation comes just days after it was reported that Zayn had spoiled Gigi rotten for her 21st birthday, with an insider previously revealing: “Zayn showered Gigi with flowers and presents for her birthday.

"He was very thoughtful with what presents he got her. Gigi really wanted to see Zayn on her special day and he made it happen, they had a few hours of alone time.”

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