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Earlier this month we were all left disgusted when musician Azealia Banks launched a horrific racis...

Harry Styles' Sister Defends Zayn Malik Against 'Vile Bully' Azaelia Banks

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Earlier this month we were all left disgusted when musician Azealia Banks launched a horrific racist and homophobic tirade against former One Direction star Zayn Malik on Twitter.

For absolutely no reason.

The Muslim singer maintained his dignity throughout the torrent of abuse and his millions of fans - and outraged spectators - across the globe were quick to spring to his defence, however, the star’s ex-bandmates kept schtum, with Zayn publicly saying many times in the past that he is no longer friends with Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne or Niall Horan.

However, that doesn’t mean that their families have forgotten him, and now Harry’s older sister Gemma has slammed “vile bully” Azealia as she defended Zayn from her twisted Twitter outburst.

Writing in her weekly column for The Debrief, Gemma hinted at empathy for her brother’s former bestie, writing: “Azaelia Banks, the latest example of a public Twitter meltdown, didn’t just blow her top, she went on a vile, bilge-spilling tirade of homophobic abuse and racist slurs - among other things.

"This to me is not an example of someone venting frustration in an understandable format, but a biggot and a bully showing her true colours.

"She might have said sorry now, but I think Banks’ apology is more of a ‘sorry I said it in public’ sort of apology. This is the kind of behaviour that shouldn’t be tolerated, celebrity or not.

"There’s no upset here that warrants the kind of language she used. While some celebrities are judged too harshly and deserve a little more empathy, there’s no empathy I can see here - sometimes an Instagram sorry just isn’t enough.”

Hear, hear, Gemma - we couldn’t agree more.

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