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After Season 5, bar one episode, I had lost my love of this show. It didn’t have the richness, the ...

How ‘The Door’ Completely Restored my Faith in Game of Thrones: A Review

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After Season 5, bar one episode, I had lost my love of this show. It didn’t have the richness, the sprawl or the mystery of its early years and left me cold to the major developments and character deaths. It had become stagnant and a little ugly, the end goal was no longer in site and I found that I couldn’t root for anyone or anything. Even at the start of this Season, I wasn’t entirely convinced it had changed.

How wrong I was. Despite an iffy first episode and a slightly dull third, Season 6 has produced 3 episodes which have ranged from great to superb, and with the latter, the much talked about ‘The Door, it has completely rejuvenated my adoration for a show that I thought to be off of my list of most anticipated shows.

This isn’t just down to action, drama and shocking/sad character deaths, though there will be more on that later, it’s about the coherent stories, better-written characters and a change in the size and breadth of the world that make it much more interesting.

This could be an anomaly, of course. Another 'Hardhome’ to make you remember the show you loved, but I don’t think so, well, I don’t hope so.

It’s something different. Whereas the aforementioned Season 5 highlight was a bright spot of surprise, action and awe in the midst of a dour series of bumbling stories and Sansa torture, 'The Door’ marks not just the point where it became too much for our emotions to handle, but where the narrative of the shows future becomes more clearly defined.

I had a long chat with a friend after I watched this episode about what the repercussions would be in the future, about what had come before and what the possible paths the characters will take. It helped to bring the show into a focus that I hadn’t felt in ages, making me realise that I was excited about the future rather than apprehensive.

Let’s start at the beginning. Sansa confronts Littlefinger, the man who gave her over to Ramsey Bolton and confesses her true disdain for him. In a moment that helps give her ordeal last season some semblance of purpose, she tells him of the pain she went through and in a continuing sign of her development, rejects his offer of support.

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