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Joe Jackson has responded to rumours that he had passed away, dismissing them as "stupid."...

Joe Jackson responds to 'stupid' rumours of his death

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Joe Jackson has responded to rumours that he had passed away, dismissing them as "stupid." The 87-year-old was hospitalised last week due to a high fever, sparking rumours that the showbiz icon had died.

The father of Michael Jackson posted a short statement on his website to prove he was doing well. The statement, titled "I am 100% alive" read: "The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Please ignore all the stupid false rumours from people who seem to find humour in such topics." Joe accompanied the statement with a photo of himself smiling while at a beachside resort.

The talent manager shared the post on Twitter, and fans have been quick to express relief that he is doing well. One commented: "Thank goodness you are ALIVE. What a time to be ALIVE. Enjoy your day," while another wrote: "I am so thankful that you are doing alright Mr.Jackson."

Joe's son, Jermaine Jackson, admitted that his father has been experiencing some medical problems, but his health has improved. 

"My father is doing much better. We were all worried but he's doing much better, he's much healthier and we're very happy about that," he said.

"He came for a check-up at his doctor's and they put him in the hospital… He's much better. All of his vital signs are great and we're very happy. He's just tired. He's 87. We're just trying to hold onto him as much as we can. My father's very strong, he's up there telling jokes. He's doing fine. We're all holding up well."

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