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[Photo: youtube @azealia banks / @roadgeek] Azealia Banks began trending worldwide after accusi...

Just How Many Artists Has Azealia Banks ‘Moodboarded The F**k Out Of’ Then?

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[Photo: youtube @azealia banks / @roadgeek]

Azealia Banks began trending worldwide after accusing Zayn Malik of plagiarism and calling him a “sand n*gger”.

Let’s put all the hateful things she said to one side for a minute and take a look at the American Rapper’s original argument. 

Before all the witless name-calling, Azealia shared a collage of stills from her music videos alongside a collection from Zayn’s. The caption read: “Damn Zayn be mood boarding the f*ck of out me.”

Unless you count the fact the pair are both human beings miming in pretty mediocre music videos, it’s hard to discern any significant similarities between their work.

But hang on, what’s this? Could it be Azealia has “moodboarded the f*ck” out of other artists? The very ‘crime’ she accuses Zayn of?

[Photo: Instagram @azealiabanks]
Also featured in Yung Rapunxel is an eye peering out of a hand. Not too dissimilar to the character of ‘Tenome’ from Guillermo del Toro’s, Pan’s Labyrinth. 

Tenome himself is the creation of 18th century Japanese artist Toriyama Sekien.

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