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After wrapping up a shoot for their eponymous fashion line, Kendall and Kylie Jenner find out via...

#KUWTK Shows How NOT to Deal with Rich People Problems

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After wrapping up a shoot for their eponymous fashion line, Kendall and Kylie Jenner find out via social media that Rob Kardashian has gifted his GF, Blac Chyna (she’s Kylie’s boyfriend Tyga’s ex/baby mama), an iPad Pro with a keyboard and stylus which Kendall originally gave him as a present.

Kendall surprised me by whining that she could have given the items to someone else and exclaims she’ll be asking Rob to return them to her. Isn’t it general knowledge that if you gift something to someone it’s theirs to do with as they like?*

On the other hand, it really wasn’t cool of Rob to A) disregard a present from his little sis and B) gift his new squeeze something he didn’t go out and buy himself. Also, don’t super rich people have to do arts and crafts and make stuff to gift people because they can buy almost anything they want themselves anyway? You know, for sentimental reasons.

Unable to quell her anger, a normally grounded Kendall calls up Rob to give him a piece of her mind as an amused Kylie looks on. Rob downright refuses and claims Kendall has never gifted him anything before in her life.

Unless you live under a rock it’s pretty hard to stay away from anything KUWTK related. Media outlets are constantly reporting what risqué outfits/how many nude selfies the cast are chucking at us and unless you don’t spend a lot of time on social media it’s unlikely you don’t know that Kylie and Blac Chyna now claim to have been “best friend all along.”

Here’s a question: could it be that a person’s got it so good in life that they create drama out of nothing? Not to entertain others as claimed but to entertain themselves? Even if Kendall really wanted to gift someone else that iPad couldn’t she have just used some of her millions to do so? Like, did she even really care or was she just bored? Wait – do I even care?

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