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It was earlier reported that Mika Singh has been asked to leave the show Comedy Nights Live. The re...

Mika On Being Ousted From Comedy Nights Live - "Hope things get resolved soon"

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It was earlier reported that Mika Singh has been asked to leave the show Comedy Nights Live. The reason revealed was due to Mika’s appearance on The Kapil Sharma Show. 

In an interaction with a popular daily, Mika revealed, “I am not hurt or disappointed with their decision. No artist is bigger than the channel and my absence will not cost them much. I know that the channel is upset and I hope things get resolved soon. But I can only say that it wasn’t intentional." 

He justified the reason that he went to Kapil’s show to promote the songs he has sung for Housefull 3. Mika further stated about the controversy, "Yes, I could have informed the channel, but it needs to be taken into account that I didn’t go to Kapil’s show in place of Sidhuji (Navjot Singh Sidhu) or become a permanent fixture, as I understand that my responsibilities are quite similar to Sidhuji’s on my show. I appeared on Kapil’s show as a celebrity to promote my songs." 

There were reports of actor Sohail Khan has replaced the Punjabi singer in the show. Talking about his appearance on the rival channel affecting the audience, Mika said, "Every show has a loyal audience and one person can’t affect that. I agree that it could lead to a divided viewership, but people come back to watch their favourite shows. I love both Krushna and Kapil equally and no one is better than the other. They are equally talented. While one infuses dancing in comedy, the other sings to enhance his comedy. I immediately agreed when the channel contacted me to become a part of Krushna’s show because of my equation with them. I was signed on for 26 episodes and I have shot around 15 episodes so far." 

When asked about being caught between the rivalry between the channel and Kapil Sharma, Mika said, "I wouldn’t want to comment on their equation. Kapil is like a younger brother and I keep telling him and Krushna that we will party together some day.”

Sigh! The issues are turning ugly.

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