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Angelica Fenney has posed for a photo shoot to celebrate being cancer-free and silence body shamers...

Model Celebrates Being Cancer-Free With Naked Shoot To Silence Body Shamers

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Angelica Fenney has posed for a photo shoot to celebrate being cancer-free and silence body shamers [Photo: Instagram/angelicafenney]

A plucky plus-size model has hit back at body shamers by posing for a naked photoshoot. Angelica Fenney who has spent 21 years battling cancer has finally learnt to love her curves and now she wants to encourage other women to do the same.

The inspirational 37-year-old was first diagnosed with breast cancer aged just 17. But as well as other crippling side effects, her various treatments caused her weight to creep up by six stone.

Now, after getting the breast, cervical and skin cancer all-clear, the model from St Helens, Merseyside has found her body confidence and she’s celebrating with a stunning ‘natural’ shoot which simultaneously shows off her curves and sticks it to the haters.

Taking to her Facebook page to share some of the images Angelica also penned a powerful message explaining her reasons behind her decision to pose for the shoot.

“This one is for all the haters, that keep body shaming me and the rest of us curve women out there,” she wrote. “For all the sexy curvy ladies that have body issues I’m making a stand for us. It’s taken me over 21 years to finally accept my body and really start to love it with all my scars too.”

Angelica admitted she’s tried everything to lose weight, but now that she’s cancer-free she’s decided to appreciate the strength her body has given her.  

“I have been through the mill and now I’ve come out the other end and I say that we women what every shape/size should embrace our curves and show the haters that we are all beautiful in our own way,” she said.

Angelica went on to thank her friend Angel Sinclair “for encouraging me to do this shoot and helping me get me back,” and also praise photographer Ed Igroover who took the stunning shots.

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