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A mum has captured the incredible moment her baby turned inside her [Photo: freestocks.org via Pe...

Mum Captures Amazing Video Footage Of The Moment Her Baby Turns Inside Her

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A mum has captured the incredible moment her baby turned inside her [Photo: freestocks.org via Pexels]

As anyone who’s ever been through pregnancy can testify seeing your baby’s tiny limbs poke through your tummy is a pretty awesome experience.

So you can imagine how unbelievable it would be to witness the actual moment your baby rolls over inside you. But that’s exactly what happened to one mum-to-be at 39 weeks pregnant. And she managed to capture the whole incredible moment on camera.

In a video posted to YouTube, the pregnant woman is seen relaxing on a sofa in pyjamas. Her baby can be seen wriggling inside her tummy before the shapes of the baby’s arms and legs start to become obvious.

“Ah, she’s starting,” the mother is heard saying, before incredibly, the baby can be seen completely rolling over.  

Since posting, the captivating video has a whopping 5.4 million views on YouTube, leaving thousands of viewers amazed by the incredible footage.

One woman wrote: “That was so amazing to see, on so many levels that I’m still processing it. Can you imagine how awesome it will be for the person to see a video of themselves moving around in the belly. Wow! Thank you for sharing.”

Another added: “This is literally the coolest thing I have seen in my entire life. It’s so surreal to feel your baby moving inside! but it’s such a blessing!”

“When I see this video, I understand what they mean about the mother-child connection being special..” one watcher wrote.

But while many were in awe of the footage, others were left feeling slightly unnerved.

“Does that hurt? It seems that her skin is going to tear apart anytime ,” one viewer commented.

A fellow mum-to-be was particularly affected by the short clip: “Not sure if this was a good idea to watch… I’m 28 weeks preggo with twins and even though it’s not like that I can already see some the movements and they move a ton.”

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